Hispalyt promotes the Hispalyt Professorship “Ceramics for building”, through a collaboration agreement signed with the Architecture College of Madrid-ETSAM, which belongs to the Polytechnic University of Madrid. Created in 2006, this is the first Professorship dedicated to building with ceramic materials, targeted at young architects or students in their final year. The architect, José Ignacio Linazasoro, who has wide professional experience and knowledge of ceramic materials, directs the Hispalyt Professorship “Ceramics for building”, from the College of Architecture of Madrid.

The Hispalyt Professorship “Ceramics for building” covers one of the main goals of Hispalyt, that is, the academic projection process with ceramic building systems. As a result of this initiative and the participation of ETSAM, students can know at first hand the reality of structural ceramics, an industry which is permanently transforming and being upgraded, with numerous technical innovations on the market and the trust of the architectural profession, both in its natural properties and features.

The activities developed by the Professorship over the first three years since it was established, include the following:

  • Organization of Conferences and Congresses related to the use of ceramic materials in architectural projects, with the participation of well-known architects to develop the exchange of experiences with students.
  • Organization of annual awards, with the aim of rewarding graduation projects and architects during the first two years after their graduation.
  • Annual informative publications, which include the most outstanding projects and activities organized by the Professorship. Leading architects participate in these publications.
  • With regard to scientific-technical dissemination, the Professorship has a webpage to disseminate activities and contents of interest.
  • During its first year, the Professorship worked significantly throughout Spain to develop the collaboration with other colleges of architecture. In the second year, the Professorship decided to broaden its area of action by collaborating with overseas colleges of architecture, such as the London Metropolitan University and the Istituto Universitario di Architecttura di Venecia. In the third edition of the Awards, the Professorship has achieved the support of two further highly prestigious international Colleges of Architecture, the KHT Architecture and the Built Environment of Stockholm and the Facoltá di Architettura di Napoli.

For further information on the Hispalyt Professorship “Ceramics for building”, please visit the webpage


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