Hispalyt created the section of slabs in 1989. The manufacturers forming part of this section maintain the common goal to disseminate the advantages and technical features of slabs built with ceramic parts.

The Section of Slabs presents different types of ceramic parts: light and resistant parts, which can be with or without wings, curves and in the form of coffers. These parts are made by casting, drying and firing clay paste. They are used in building one-direction and reticular slabs.

Using ceramic slabs has many advantages: saving in structure owing to its lesser own weight, saving in labour as they are easy to assemble, greater safety in use owing to their mechanical resistance, possibility of using them as a resistant element, excellent adherence to plaster, mortar and concrete and with no breakages. Lastly, it should be underlined that this product is totally ecological, with excellent features and a high level of safety.

The Section of Slabs publishes various publications with the aim of guaranteeing efficient implementation of ceramic slabs in the market. Software to calculate, supply and estimate ceramic slabs, leaflets with technical information and even access to specialist journals.


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