HISPALYT is the Spanish Association of Brick and Clay Tile Manufacturers. It comprises over 100 companies manufacturers of structural ceramic products –ceramic paving, thermo-clay, slabs, facing bricks, rendering bricks, subroof panels and tiles- which cover 85% production of the sector in Spain.

Since it was created in 1968, the main goals of Hispalyt have been to defend the common interests of the companies of the sector, promote the recognition of ceramic materials, and research the development of new products and building systems.

The Spanish ceramic sector is one of the largest producers in Europe of ceramic materials for building, and It is also a benchmark for other countries in fields such as innovation and industrial technology, as a result of the investments companies have made over recent years in I+D+i.

Within its policy for the promotion of quality in construction, ceramic products manufacturers have conferred a great importance to the development of a quality final product, to meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers and ensure compliance with the new regulatory requirements.

So, benefits of ceramic products have been improved in aspects considered key by the professional and the citizenship: insulation acoustic, insulation thermal, saving energy, durability and protection against fire. In addition, it is a material that respects the environment by being 100% natural and organic, making it possible to construct buildings sustainable and healthy, no problems of toxicity, radiation, or allergies.

Influencing these aspects related to the quality and performance of the materials gives them an added value, thus obtaining products and even more competitive systems, with superior to those required by the current regulations - Technical Building Code (CTE).

One of the main aims of the Association is the promotion and dissemination of the use of ceramic materials with the above-mentioned characteristics.

Hispalyt also has 20 associate members, companies which are related to industrial ceramic activities, such as machinery to manufacture ceramic products, consultants in different areas, test laboratories, service companies, etc.

If you would further information on Hispalyt, you can download the corporate file of the Association by clicking on the image, or you can view the institutional video.

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