For structural ceramic manufacturers, Hispalyt represents the meeting point where efforts are combined in benefit of the group. The joint work of all the companies provides better and quicker development in the operation of the association. As representative of the structural ceramic sector in Spain, Hispalyt performs various activities and provides services related to different areas of action of the Association.

Institutional Representation of associates

Hispalyt represents associate companies before public institutions and state authorities. It is the link with Ministries, regional governments, trade unions, education centres, the media and all business related organisms.

As one of the main players in the building sector, Hispalyt negotiates agreements and draws up collaboration options with different bodies to promote ceramic materials, not only in the building industry but also in many other fields of society.

Corporate information

Hispalyt draws up and distributes informative material on the sector and the Association through various means. Building professionals can find the latest information on ceramic materials, the most relevant works and the development of activities.

The Association has several channels to disseminate its information. These include printed publications, providing details on the sector and annual reports.

Internet also plays an important role in this sense. Hispalyt uses its advantages through different websites it has on ceramic products, and also two electronic newsletters which are published and sent free of charge to everyone who is interested.

The Association has recently added audiovisual as a means of dissemination. There are videos of an institutional nature, where information can be found on the Association and the most outstanding products and systems of the sector.

Hispalyt is also present at the main building fairs to promote structural ceramic materials, as well as building systems developed by the Technical Department of the Association, in collaboration with external laboratories and collaborators.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental commitment is becoming increasingly more evident in Hispalyt. There are various initiatives concerning the dissemination of the same message: the sector is involved in the protection of the environment. Hispalyt leads several projects on these issues, such as the creation of an environmental report, the promotion of sustainable building or the collaboration with different entities geared towards defending environmental values.

Advisory service for associates

Companies have increasingly more needs in different fields. Apart from technical issues, manufacturers also require advice on environmental and labour issues and also on new regulations. In view of these demands, Hispalyt offers a wide range of services to its associates.


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